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More Beautiful Thoughts with Dr. Masaru Emoto

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Today, we'll look at how thoughts create changes in the physical world . . . and what the implications are for your life.

When I attended Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success seminar in Lake Las Vegas in August, one of the most intriguing sessions came when he shared photographs of frozen water crystals that had been exposed to different thoughts, words and music. This pioneering work was begun in the 1990s in Japan by Dr. Masaru Emoto and published in his best-selling books, Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water and The True Power of Water.

Many people at the seminar had learned about Dr. Emoto's work by watching a documentary called, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" You can see a trailer from this film at http://www.hado.net/news.html/.

While walking down the street in Manhattan a few weeks later, I noted that Dr. Emoto would be offering a course with The Learning Annex. When I saw that the course was being run while I had to be in New York, I decided to sign up. That was one of the best decisions that I made this year.

Dr. Emoto combined science and spirituality to argue for a new approach to good living. I think you'll find it fascinating.

To see Dr. Emoto's work, be sure to visit www.hado.net and sign up for his newsletter. His extensive touring plans are listed there as well. Perhaps you can see him at a location near you.

Let me briefly summarize some of his most profound thoughts for you:

1. We are water.

When we are an egg, we are 98% water. As a baby, we are 80% water. An adult is 70% water. People over 65 are 60% water. When we are less than 50% water, we die.

2. Water came to Earth after this world was formed.

In 1997, NASA reported that studies of ice ball comets showed that at the rate they are currently striking the Earth such comets account for all of the water on the Earth. Only 10 of the 500 plus attendees at the seminar had read that study. So water is literally a gift from the Heavens.

3. We are on Earth to learn to live and work together in harmony.

Dr. Emoto pointed out that what we understand about physics tells us that everything God created is comprised of vibrations that create objects and energy. Since human beings are the only beings on Earth that can vibrate in harmony with everything else on the planet, it must be our unique role to create those sympathetic harmonies. He demonstrated this by showing how hitting the right note will cause a tuning fork to resonate in harmony and re-create the note.

4. Water crystals show the potential for harmony coming from humans.

Dr. Emoto shared many of his photographs. They were remarkable.

When water is exposed to different thoughts, words, images and music, the crystalline structure of the water when frozen differs markedly.

Interestingly, the most beautiful crystal he has found from these experiments is created by thinking or writing down "Love and Thanks".

One fascinating contrast was between the ugly, misshapen crystal that forms in response to the command "Do it" and the beautiful crystal that formed in reaction to the offer "Let's do it together". Dr. Emoto wryly noted that he wished he had known of that difference before becoming a father.

Each of the world's leading religions when spoken or thought creates a beautiful crystal. Combine their names and you get an even more beautiful crystal with what appears to be a face of a person at the top.

Dr. Emoto shared gorgeous images of crystals formed after being exposed to music like Beethoven's Ninth, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musick, Amazing Grace and John Lennon's Imagine. We sang Imagine together, and you could feel the resonance in the room grow.

5. Prayer can create crystals where none were possible before.

Dr. Emoto had found it impossible to create crystals by using Tokyo tap water. Then he arranged for children to pray for tap water in the following ways:

"Thank you, water." "We love you, water." "We'll take care of you, water."

As a result, beautifully balanced crystals formed in the tap water.

He pointed out that there's a Japanese saying, "Water is a reflection of your soul." That may be literally true.

6. Dr. Emoto has created the Emoto project to inform the world's youth about this potential.

He plans to raise the money to provide 650 million copies of his books to youngsters of ages 3-12 over the next ten years so they can understand the importance of creating positive resonance for the world from the thoughts, prayers, images and actions of human beings. There is a course being started in Los Angeles in early November for those who want to assist in spreading this knowledge.

7. Dr. Emoto is clear that his work is creating new questions for which no one has any answers.

His work has a profound meaning for us all that we understand at a spiritual level. If you see and hear him talk, I think you'll agree that you will have a deep understanding of his message beyond what you can articulate.

I think that Dr. Emoto should be considered one of our World Heroes. Do you agree?


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