Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Announcing The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook

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In 1998, Carol Coles and I joined with Robert Metz, former Marketplace columnist at The New York Times to author The 2,000 Percent Solution. That book went on to become an best seller, was selected by the Chinese government as one of the ten best management books of the 20th century, and has been the basis of major improvements in companies, governments and non-profit organizations around the world.

I have been teaching courses based on that book since 1999 and began experimenting in 2003 with ways to help students learn and accomplish more. From those experiments, a companion workbook emerged that students have hailed as essential to their experiences.

Today, that workbook becomes available for the first time to the general public.

The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook is an essential resource for anyone who wants to accomplish more with fewer resources.

You can buy copies in hardcover, soft cover or for digital download on today (see for the digital download). has listed the soft cover and hardcover versions, but is not yet accepting orders. Presumably, they will begin taking orders within a few days. To find the soft cover version, go to

The workbook takes you through the key ideas in The 2,000 Percent Solution and one concept from The Irresistible Growth Enterprise. You also receive a list of questions designed to help you create your own 2,000 percent solution. In addition, you will learn how to help others create their own 2,000 percent solutions. If you head an organization, you can use this resource to reach world-class performance standards within two years by being your own consultant.

Many world heroes and heroines have used this resource to craft their accomplishments.

If you would like to take an on-line course with me based on the book and the workbook, please contact me at

Can a billionaire do any better? I doubt it.

A billionaire can hire the world's finest consultants, the greatest experts and armies of people to implement the results. But the humble contributions of those who use The 2,000 Percent Solution and The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook will soar past billionaires by combining great knowledge about their situation with insights into the greatest accomplishments of all time.


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