Monday, November 28, 2005

Become a World Hero by Using a Billionaire Mind Set

Good morning, Future World Heroes and Heroines!

Are you feeling motivated this morning? I certainly hope so. I know that I am!

One of the most empowering thought exercises my students ever do is to imagine that they have unlimited financial resources to solve a problem. No matter what the problem is, they quickly come up with powerful answers. You can see them sitting a little taller, smiling a little broader and being more friendly as they do. Next, I encourage them to describe their solution in more detail. They happily agree. I feel like I've turned them into queens and kings for a day. I feel their joy.

When they begin to run out of steam . . . but are still feeling really happy, I change the exercise.

Next, I ask them to take their solution and find a way to implement it with no financial resources. Their eyes get a little wider, the smiles turn a little more rueful and the heads twist a little. Then, they shake their heads "yes" and start thinking.

Sometimes they need an idea starter or two to get them off ground zero. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Who will benefit so much from your solution that they will be willing to fund some or all of what needs to be done?

2. Who can implement your solution at very little cost?

At that point, bodies begin to lean forward as though preparing for a race. Excitement begins to build as twinkles into their eyes.

They now see that there are no limits . . . except the ones that place on themselves.

Remember that lesson.

Could a billionaire do better? I doubt it.

Because a billionaire has lots of money, billionaires typically skip the powerful part of the exercise where you find a way to do the same task without any financial resources. That's too bad because with a billionaire's greater experience in thinking about large-scale projects, billionaires could get to be very good at this.


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