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Advance Peek at an Excerpt from 2,000 Percent Solution Living

Good afternoon, World Heroes and Heroines!

Are you feeling motivated this afternoon?

I hope so. I know that I am!

I felt called by the Holy Spirit to accelerate
writing of my new book, 2,000 Percent
Solution Living. Writing is going well, and
I thought you might enjoy an advance peek
at this blockbuster book, a way to live way
beyond your wildest dreams.

This excerpt comes from part of the book's

Wisdom is the principal thing;

Therefore get wisdom.

And in all your getting,

get understanding.

Take firm hold of instruction,

do not let go;

Keep her, for she is your life.

— Proverbs 4:7, 13 (NKJV)

Would you like to enjoy your life more, accomplish so much that you amaze yourself, have lots of free time, be with loved ones as much as you want, and earn a much higher income while spending less time and effort working? Those are some of the potential benefits that 2,000 percent solution living offers you.

To gain those benefits, you’ll have to make some changes: Stop doing some harmful things and start doing some more beneficial things. In the process, you can use God’s help to turn your life into a masterpiece that both brings glory to Him and joy to you and those you love.

How do I know what’s possible and what’s involved? I’ve been helping people make such improvements for many years as demonstrations of the opportunity for everyone on Earth to make improvements at 20 times the usual rate. In addition, I’ve gained benefits from 2,000 percent solution living for myself.

Are you ready to start now? Read on to learn what to do.

Fulfill Your Potential by Gaining the Right Knowledge and

Performing Breakthrough Service

“… he who is greatest among you, let him be as the younger,

and he who governs as he who serves.”

— Luke 22:26 (NKJV)

Most people have no idea how little of their talent and knowledge they are employing. I see that lack of awareness all the time among my students. I believe that you are underestimating your potential as well.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Dr. Burra Ramulu worked as a shift supervisor at a fertilizer factory in the Middle East for many years. However, his most important responsibility was to train young Arabs to hold the organization’s senior roles. He was effective in such preparation, and all of those with positions above him in the organization were younger men whom he had originally trained.

After deciding to earn a doctorate, Dr. Ramulu became interested in 2,000 percent solutions (ways of accomplishing 20 times the results with the same or less time, money, and effort). His first 2,000 percent solution project was to study how his factory’s profits could be increased by more than 20 times while spending very little money for new investment. He found a way to greatly increase capacity, improve quality, expand productivity, and lower costs that only required an investment equal to about 10 percent of the plant’s existing capital base. As a result, cash flow expanded by more than 20 times.

Realizing that his opportunities to advance his career were constrained in the Middle East, Dr. Ramulu moved back to his native India and took a position with a global producer of basic commodities. As his dissertation subject, Dr. Ramulu investigated how to create a new business model for his employer, the first major business-model improvement for that industry in more than 50 years. As a result, he located a way to lower costs by over 40 percent, to reduce capital needs by even more, and to expand his company’s business volume by several hundred percent. The new business model was approved by his employer and is now being implemented. When in operation, profits for that business in India are expected to expand by much more than 20 times while competitors will be eliminated for many years to come.

Not satisfied with what he had learned and accomplished during the process of attaining his first doctorate, Dr. Ramulu decided to study for a second one. This time his dissertation work was based on an even more fundamental problem: How to lift poor, uneducated people out of despair and to make their lives hopeful and economically successful. Choosing to serve Kasimpet, the village where he grew up, Dr. Ramulu faithfully trekked hundreds of kilometers across India on weekends to teach the people there about 2,000 percent solutions.

Also supported by other volunteers who had once lived in Kasimpet, an initial 50 people soon reformed the bad thinking habits that had held them back, began using better thinking processes, formed a cooperative, and began designing and implementing profitable 2,000 percent solutions. In just a few months, most of those 50 people increased their incomes by more than 20 times, reduced their debts by more than 96 percent, slashed the interest rates they were paying on the remaining debt by 96 percent, and increased their net worths by more 20 times. They also gained new, positive outlooks on life, and sought to cooperate with one another rather than be divided by the accidents of birth from which castes are defined.

As this book was going to press, these 50 people had pledged to teach what they had learned to at least another 20 other people each who will be asked to do the same for 20 more people. Should everyone be faithful, most poverty and despair can be eliminated from that part of India in just a few years.

Naturally, Dr. Ramulu enjoys a wonderful sense of accomplishment from encouraging so many positive improvements. Can you imagine the sense of satisfaction that he enjoys each morning as he thinks about the villagers?

What else might Dr. Ramulu accomplish? It’s up to what God calls him to do. There is no practical limit to his potential to succeed in serving others.

There are millions of people with as much potential as Dr. Ramulu has who could have done what he did to serve others. But few of them choose to serve by learning and teaching breakthrough skills. Dr. Ramulu made that important choice, and that decision liberated him and those he has taught into 2,000 percent solution living.

I pray that this book will do the same for you.

Foundations of 2,000 Percent Solution Living

Become complete.

Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace;

and the God of love and peace will be with you.

— 2 Corinthians 13:11 (NKJV)

Since I was young, people have often asked for my advice. I have always been happy to share my ideas, and many people have benefited. I have always been grateful to God for granting me this ability to serve and for providing His guidance for what to say and write.

I was deeply humbled in 1995 when the Holy Spirit directed me to lead an effort to help everyone on the Earth accomplish at least 20 times more. (You can read about the origins, methods, and conclusions of what I call the 400 Year Project, ways to make 400 years worth of normal improvements during the years from 2015 through 2035, in Adventures of an Optimist, BookSurge 2007, and at I was so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task that I had no idea what to do first. Fortunately, He directed my steps and learning so that the necessary solutions have been identified and described in my books about the 400 Year Project.

Despite my willingness to help in every possible way, it recently struck me that I may not have been sharing what I have learned in the right ways: When I asked people who have been reading about my work for years what questions they would like me to answer about accomplishing 20 times more, I found nothing new in what they asked. In fact, I had previously written answers to each of the questions I received.

From those responses I realized that people who want to make breakthroughs in all aspects of their lives need a brief compendium of the most important ways to accomplish 20 times more. This book, 2,000 Percent Solution Living, is intended to facilitate those accomplishments.

After thinking about the possible contents for the book over several weeks, I was surprised to be awakened at 1:30 a.m. on May 19, 2009, by a voice that dictated to me in great detail what should be in this book. This dictation continued for many hours and finally paused for me to begin asking clarifying questions, which were then answered. The instruction lasted over six hours.

From that experience, I concluded that by writing this book I am merely serving as a fleshly vehicle for a message from the Holy Spirit that is intended for all people on Earth. I pray that I have been faithful and accurate in sharing with you what I was directed to write.

The Lessons for You

But who can teach a lesson to God,

since he judges even the most powerful?

— Job 21:22 (NLT)

Most people rarely read nonfiction books, dipping perhaps into one or two in a decade. If that’s your reading pattern, this section is for you. I summarize the book’s key lessons here.

If this information is enough for your purposes, stop after reading this section. If you want to learn more about why these solutions are important or how to implement them, go to the chapters that describe the lessons you want to learn more about.

If you would rather read a fuller treatment of the book’s contents, you can skip this section and just begin reading Chapter 1.

Lesson 1: Accept Salvation by repenting of your sins; believe Jesus is God’s Son and in His resurrection from the dead; and give your life to Jesus Christ to do His will, not yours (or rededicate your life to Him if you have accepted Salvation but have not been walking with Him). Start every day by praising and thanking the Lord, praying for what is righteous that you want done in the name of Jesus, and studying the Bible. Attend church whenever possible; make a weekly written commitment of added ways to follow His direction; and witness to others about your faith until at least 20 people to whom you have been speaking choose to accept Salvation.

Doing these things will help you to hear and understand the Holy Spirit who will guide your steps toward the most productive directions on Earth, will provide you with supernatural support for making performance breakthroughs, and will help you earn eternal rewards to be enjoyed in heaven. As a result, you will have all the wisdom and power you need to do any righteous thing you want. Isn’t that awesome?

May God bless you, your family, and all you do in the name of Jesus!

Donald W. Mitchell
Chairman, Mitchell and Company

Copyright 2009 Donald W. Mitchell

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