Thursday, August 05, 2010

Associate Professor Burra Ramulu, Ph.D., Becomes the First Certified 2,000 Percent Solution Tutor in Asia

Good Evening, World Heroes and Heroines!

Are you feeling motivated this evening?

I know that I certainly am.

I am pleased to announce that Associate Professor Burra Ramulu, Ph.D. of Rushmore University has just been certified as the first 2,000 percent solution tutor living in Asia. I pray that you will join me in congratulating him!

Professor Ramulu has completed two Ph.D. degrees related to breakthrough solutions under my supervision and has shown exceptional capability in developing 2,000 percent solutions (accomplishing 20 times more without spending any more time, money, or effort) as well as teaching others to do the same. You can read about his work at his home village of Kasimpet in India to eliminate poverty and debt while increasing incomes at:

If you would like to work with Professor Ramulu, please contact me by e-mail at and I will introduce you.

May God bless you, your family, and all you do in the name of Jesus!

With best regards, much appreciation, and all good wishes,

Donald W. Mitchell
The 400 Year Project

Copyright 2010 Donald W. Mitchell, All Rights Reserved.

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